50 hp mercury outboard troubleshooting

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So where do you start? There is a lot to know. I get asked regularly about what is the problem, and more importantly and how to fix a problem. I am not an armchair expert, but a qualified and practicing marine electrician and engineer and a marine surveyor. I do this for a living. Thousands of people input with answers to problems. What is your outboard problem? Why not choose from one of my many books to help you fix your problems. Here are some hot topics for the boat-forum:.

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Give us a detailed description, short 5 word posts are not much use and will not be posted.Quick Links. Welcome Aboard! Proper care and maintenance is an important part in keeping. The enclosed Owner's. Is your engine properly registered for warranty purpose? Module used for exhaust emission assessment: Module H. Module used for noise emission assessment: Module H. Table of Contents.

Proper care and maintenance is an important part in keeping your Mercury Product operating at peak efficiency for maximum performance and economy. Refer to your Operation and Maintenance Manual for full details of your warranty coverage. Patrick C. Diameter Gearcase To be eligible for warranty coverage, the product must be registered with Mercury Marine. Page 13 Mercury dealer authorized to service the product.

If purchaser cannot deliver the product to such a dealer, written notice must be given to Mercury. We will then arrange for the inspection and any covered repair. Page Fourstroke Outboard Limited Warranty Middle-East, And Africa No individual or entity, including Mercury Marine authorized dealers, has been given authority by Mercury Marine to make any affirmation, representation or warranty regarding the product, other than those contained in this limited warranty, and if made, shall not be enforceable against Mercury Marine.

Page 16 Mercury dealer authorized to service the product. Page Year Limited Warranty Against Corrosion No individual or entity, including Mercury Marine authorized dealers, has been given authority by Mercury Marine to make any affirmation, representation or warranty regarding the product, other than those contained in this limited warranty, and if made, shall not be enforceable against Mercury Marine.

Page 19 Mercury dealer authorized to service the product. The following information explains some of the types of services that are not covered by warranty. Page 22 8. Use of other than Mercury Precision or Quicksilver parts when making warranty repairs. Oils, lubricants or fluids changed as a matter of normal Our limited warranty does not apply to any damage to our products caused by the installation or use of parts and accessories which are not manufactured or sold by us.

Failures which are not related to the use of those parts or accessories are covered under warranty if they otherwise meet the terms of the limited warranty for that product. It is strongly recommended that each operator driver read and understand this entire manual before operating the outboard. Be sure at least one additional person on board is instructed in the basics of starting and operating the outboard and boat handling in case the driver is unable to operate the boat.

Outboard Remote Control Models The remote control connected to your outboard must be equipped with a start in neutral only protection device. Tiller handle outboards and some remote control units are equipped with a lanyard stop switch. This would occur if the operator accidentally falls overboard or moves within the boat a sufficient distance from the operator's position. Sit only in seats designated for traveling at faster speeds. Any unexpected, sudden reduction in boat speed could result in the elevated passenger falling over the front of the boat.

50 hp mercury outboard troubleshooting

Avoid wave or wake jumping whenever possible. There is another less common hazardous result from allowing your boat to launch off a wave or wake. Page Safety Instructions For Hand Tilled Outboards Operating a boat or engine with impact damage can result in product damage, serious injury, or death.

If the vessel experiences any form of impact, have an authorized Mercury Marine dealer inspect and repair the vessel or power package. Safety Instructions For Hand Tilled Outboards No person or cargo should occupy the area directly in front of the outboard while the boat is in motion.

The use of clamp bracket screws alone, is insufficient to properly and safely secure the outboard to the transom. Proper installation of the outboard includes bolting the engine to the boat through the transom.Still, there are others of us out there that have older, more temperamental outboards and, believe it or not, even relatively new outboards can act up at times.

So, what should you do when your outboard engine is puttering instead of purring? Some problems can even be solved with the twist of only two fingers. Simply twist it open and monitor your engine for improvement. Wasps, spiders, and other critters are well-known for clogging these fittings up, and that can significantly affect engine performance.

If you do find a clogged vent, simply clean it out with a pair of tweezers. Also, check all your fuel hoses from the tank to the engine. A kinked or pinched hose can cause significant performance problems in an outboard engine, especially at higher RPMs, while pinholes in fuel lines can introduce air to the fuel, as well as create a safety problem. A haven for corrosion, the ports inside these connectors often clog up with nasty bits of corroded, gas-soaked metal powder that can impede fuel flow.

The ball bearings and check valves inside some of these connectors can also fail.

Troubleshooting a Rough-Running Outboard

The purpose of these filters is not only to filter particulate matter out of fuel before it reaches your outboard, but also to separate any water that may be present in your fuel. These filters sometimes become clogged or filled with water, causing an engine to run poorly. The presence of water is a tipoff that you may have a bad load of fuel in your boat.

You may want to have it professionally filtered, as the presence of too much water can cause engine problems. Luckily most are a relatively inexpensive purchase. Some portable outboard fuel tanks have inline primary fuel filters installed in the fuel supply line, too.

Last, always use fresh fuel. And, always add fuel stabilizers designed to combat problems associated with ethanol fuel at every fill up. No excuses. Many outboards—especially newer models—have a slew of onboard fuel filters that can become clogged and detrimentally affect performance. On the simplest of outboard engines these are easily replaceable, often installed inline between the fuel inlet and the carburetor. Some smaller or older outboards may not even have one. Newer, fuel-injected outboards can have as many as 12 of these filters—two or three primaries and one or more for each fuel injector.

Other fuel filters, such as those aforementioned fuel injector units, and vapor separator tank filters, should be changed by the pros. If they get clogged with dust and dirt, this can affect engine performance significantly by starving the engine of air.

Fouled or damaged spark plugs can cause all sorts of problems in any engine, much less in an outboard. Their condition can also indicate lurking internal problems, too. Plug electrodes—the ends that sit in the engine—that are worn, appear burned, or have dirty or oily deposits should be replaced with properly gapped plugs.

Hold on to your old plug s if they were fouled with oil or fuel gum and then have an outboard mechanic take a look to diagnose the possibility of more serious problems inside your engine.

The good news is that there are many tutorials online for diagnosing and repairing ignition system components in older outboards yourself, versus taking the engine into a shop for repairs.

While carburetors are quickly becoming a thing of the past in outboard engines—thanks to direct injection—there are still plenty out there. The first and easiest thing to do is to spray carburetor cleaner in your carburetor. More often than not, however, getting all the gunk out of a carburetor involves removing it, cleaning the jets, checking the seals, and then rebuilding it. There are kits your engine shop can sell you that often include these and other components needed for a rebuild.

An inefficient boat engine may well be a source of pollution. For more information check out our eco friendly boating guide. Written by: Gary Reich. Gary Reich is a Chesapeake Bay-based freelance writer and photojournalist with over 25 years of experience in the marine industry.Outboard boat motors are notorious for problems. To troubleshoot the engine, go through a series of checks for specific issues that can occur and fix as needed.

The most common problem with both two- and four-stroke engines begin with the fuel system. Given this reality, keep a couple of oars handy for if the engine fails while you're out on the water. It also helps to have a citizen's band radio aboard the boat or a cell phone if there is service in the area to contact someone for help if needed. Mercury Marinebased in Wisconsin, has been making Mercury outboard motors in two- and four-stroke versions ranging from 2.

If you have a two-stroke outboard motor, you must add oil to the fuel to lubricate the engine. Four-stroke engines don't need the oil in the engine and are much cleaner machines overall. All two-stroke engines require that you add a specific oil to the gasoline.

The oil-to fuel ratio depends on the requirements of the specific motor. The oil protects and lubricates the engine as well as ensuring a long- life. If you do not mix the oil according to the correct ratio -- which could beor depending on your motor -- you will have problems such as:. To correct this, empty the fuel tank of all oil. In a clean can containing a gallon of gas, pour in the correct amount of oil.

For example, if you require a ratio, each gallon of gas requires 4 ounces of the right oil for the motor mixed in. Foradd 3.

50 hp mercury outboard troubleshooting

Remove and clean the spark plug and replace it before pouring the gas back into the fuel tank. Improperly mixed gasoline tends to foul the spark plug as well. Some engines -- not the pull-start kind -- have a battery that starts it.

50 hp mercury outboard troubleshooting

If your engine has a battery, make sure it is charged up before use; verify the battery connections are clean -- as corroded connections can keep a Mercury outboard from starting. Outboard motors require that you start them up and hold the gas until they can idle on their own. Once the motor idles on its own, it is warm enough to operate.

Stalling, power loss or excessive vibration generally indicates one or more of the following, depending on the specific problem :.

DOWNLOAD Mercury Outboard Repair Manual (1964-2005 Models)

A fouled propeller requires turning the engine off and cleaning the debris from the propeller. But when the motor runs fine, but the boat doesn't go anywhere, it's likely the propeller isn't spinning due to a broken shear pin. The pin is designed to break instead of the propeller when it contact with debris or a stationary object.

If the propeller works, but the boat or motor vibrates excessively, this could be due to a damaged or loose propeller. Verify the blades are free of creaks or breaks; replace damaged propellers with new ones. Outboard motors pull water from the lake, river or ocean through an intake to keep the engine from overheating. Debris in the water can get stuck in the intake and cause the engine to overheat.Forums New posts Search forums. Media New media New comments Search media.

Resources Latest reviews Search resources. Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Mercury 50hp Troubleshooting.

50 hp mercury outboard troubleshooting

Thread starter Roger2 Start date Sep 27, Roger2 Cadet. Joined Sep 17, Messages Let me explain. Here are some of the symtoms. Gas bulb is soft every morning. Engine would not start. Removed kill switch. Removed 3 plug wires, 3 coils and switch box and had local mechanic bench test. He said they are all OK. When I reinstalled all components the engine started fine on all three cylinders. Problem came back the next day.

Started motor in morning when it is cold and only runs on 2 cylinders. Remove cowling cover of motor and 1 cylinder started to fire.

Though the problem was in the spark plug wires but I have not been able to dublicate removing the problem.Download a Mercury outboard repair manual instantly. A downloadable Mercury repair manual is often referred to as a service manual, workshop manual, shop manual of factory service manual. It can be downloaded to a cell phone, tablet or computer in seconds.

The digital handbook provides instructions in regards to maintenance and repair based on factory specifications. A Mercury repair manual is organized much like any typical repair manual.

It contains a cover page, table of contents, index page and complete step-by-step servicing procedures. A Mercury marine outboard repair manual provides highly detailed repair information. It contains inspection, testing, removal, disassembly, cleaning, assembly and instillation procedures. Pictures, diagrams and illustrations are scattered throughout the digital book to help the mechanic fix the boat motor correctly.

Inexperienced mechanics or backyard mechanics, who are not knowledgeable in marine mechanics, will find the troubleshooting guide very helpful. The troubleshooting section provides a systematic and logical approach to trace and correct faults with electrical or mechanical components. Price is another positive feature with a downloadable Mercury manual. Traditional paperback repair guides cost between thirty to a few hundred dollars, where as a download Mercury outboard repair manual can be had for just a few bucks.

Moreover, traditional paperback versions often need to be special ordered, which means the repair job will have to wait several weeks until the book arrives in your mail box. The good news: Downloading a Mercury outboard repair manual is easy.

And the device being used to download the manual will not require any special software to download and view the manual. And once the manual is downloaded, it can be saved on the device forever.

If you own a 50 horsepower Mercury engine, then you want to keep it in the best possible shape. In order to do that you will have to know everything you can about the […].

News Ticker. Mercury Outboard Repair Manual. Previous Mercury 9. Mercury Outboard Repair Manuals. November 24, Repair Manual 0. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.Mercury Marine is an international motor boat company based in Lake Forest, Illinois, providing motors for private, commercial and government craft.

Mercury produces an extensive line of outboard motors. Like all mechanical equipment, Mercury motors can exhibit issues, ignition problems being some of the most worrisome.

How To: Mercury Outboard No Spark Step-By-Step how to fix with minimal tools.

Many ignition problems stem from electrical issues, but there are a few general troubleshooting tasks you should perform. Check that there is plenty of gas in the gas tank and that all fluid levels are at the right level. Make sure that all wires are connected properly. If there is no start from the engine, there may be no spark present. Check that the spark plug for the engine is free of decay and is clean. If there is any water on the spark plug, check for leaks.

These are the shorting and short circuit wires. Removing these allows you to troubleshoot the kill circuit. If the engine starts when these wires are disconnected, then the shorting system is faulty. If the engine does not start after disconnecting these wires, check the purple wire, which is the ignition switch wire, for damage and that it is secured properly.

This will change the engine starting cylinder. If the problem persists in the new cylinder, the stator is bad and needs to be changed. Share It. Photo Credits.


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