Photocopier maintenance checklist

We offer a one off service for your machine. All our photocopier maintenance contracts offer peace of mind to our customers and generally cover the cost of all labour and any parts required, with no hidden costs. We are also fully committed to providing preventative maintenance on every machine through regular and pro-active service calls that involve cleaning, adjusting and replacing parts.

This allows us to anticipate potential problems before they occur. We will come over and sort out the machine whatever the problem. We use the latest software and dedicated staff to ensure that all service calls are dealt with quickly, efficiently and effectively.

Copy Print Services not only responds to the majority of service calls within 4 hours average response time is 2. Our one-off service consists of a detailed inspection of the machine, testing of all relevant mechanical and electrical parts, and providing a written report detailing the state of the machine and if any work may be required. This fee includes the first half hour. We offer a range of different lease options from 1 year to 5 years.

Get in touch or read our guides for more information. Our copier rental packages can range from a day, to a week, several months, a year, or even longer. Our one-off service consists of a detailed inspection, testing of mechanical and electrical parts. To ensure your photocopier is kept in the best condition, we strongly recommend our maintenance service.

Discover the advantages of managed print services, keeping costs down, maintaining your printer ink levels and servicing your printer so you can concentrate on your own business. Enter your details below, one of our team will be in contact within the next 4 working hours.

Make sure you get one booked in! We offer a range of photocopier maintenance contracts. We offer the best photocopier maintenance service. Get in touch now. We offer a one off photocopier service.

We guarantee any repairs we complete for 6 months. Photocopier servicing by our in-house engineering team. Photocopier Leasing. Photocopier Rental. Photocopier For Sale. Photocopier Maintenance. Managed Print Services. See what our clients have to say about Copy Print Services. Speak to us today. Call Us: Speak to us Today.Any type of machinery will require repair and maintenance over its lifespan.

This is especially true of an office copier since it's likely to be used on a daily basis by multiple employees. One of the best ways to cut down on routine copier maintenance and repair costs is to give your machinery the TLC that it needs each day.

A photocopier should be thoroughly cleaned and inspected on a daily basis with a complete internal cleaning at least once per year. Depending on the model of copier, you can follow further manufacturer's instructions for daily maintenance in your user manual. Many routine items will require regular care, like changing the toner and ink on schedule and cleaning dust from the machine intermittently.

A maintenance service agreement can be purchased as additional protection when buying an office photocopier. Most maintenance agreements will include regular service checkups based on estimated copy volume; when a higher copy volume is set in an agreement, the per-copy fee will lower automatically.

photocopier maintenance checklist

To avoid overspending, it's important to establish your business's average monthly copy volume before entering into a copier service agreement. If a copy machine experiences a mechanical issue, the maintenance agreement will cover the cost of a service technician to repair the machine.

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A standard maintenance service agreement should include both preventative and remedial repair tasks like scheduled service calls and unscheduled repair calls. Within a contract, maintenance service should cover the cost of transportation, labor, replacement parts, and other operating supplies. When service is needed, a manufacturer or vendor can be contacted directly to take advantage of maintenance or repair warranty.

How to Handle Office Copier Maintenance

Understanding a contract in detail before repair is needed is critical to ensure that all maintenance costs are covered in full. Some of the most common issues that can lead to copier maintenance include: Paper jam.

A paper jam may seem like a fact of life in an office copier, but it is most often caused by user error. Frequent paper jams may damage a photocopier's internal components to warrant the need for expensive repair. Guzzling ink. A copier may go through ink quickly if it doesn't receive regular care on a routine maintenance schedule.

While some models may use more ink than others, tracking ink use can monitor ink guzzling to detect a more serious underlying issue. The LED panel of a copy machine should display a warning message if a copier is in danger of overheating; a copier that commonly overheats needs immediate attention before causing a building fire to endanger employees and property.

Preventative maintenance is the key to protect copier equipment One of the best ways to cut down on routine copier maintenance and repair costs is to give your machinery the TLC that it needs each day.

Thorough annual cleaning may include: Cleaning paper path Cleaning rollers Cleaning filters Daily care and maintenance may include: Clear paper jams Wipe out internal paper dust Remove paper drawers and check for stuck paper Close doors and drawers Check toner level Clean rollers and glass Depending on the model of copier, you can follow further manufacturer's instructions for daily maintenance in your user manual.

Understanding your copier maintenance contract agreement A maintenance service agreement can be purchased as additional protection when buying an office photocopier.When it comes to the photocopier that your business uses, keeping it in peak condition is key. This will not only ensure better copies are produced but also lead to less frustration with reduced breakdown issues on the whole.

It will also help to extend the lifespan of the machine as regular maintenance is a major factor for longevity. But what are the best ways to keep your photocopier in excellent condition? While there are lots of superb general tips for photocopier maintenance, there can be special tasks for each individual model or specific ways of operating them.

By reading the manual you will know how to operate it properly so you avoid any breaks in service or jams. It will also ensure you know the recommended manufacturer methods on any necessary maintenance. One area that needs regular maintenance on all copiers is the photocopier glass that you put documents on to copy.

This glass soon builds up with high levels of dust and grime and should be cleaned at least once per day.

If not, you will start to see smears or streaks on your copies. Invest in some proper photocopier glass cleaner and give the copier glass a wipe down with it each day. As well as dust on the glass building up, it is a problem if the internal parts of your photocopier get too dusty also. To maintain these parts, get a dry cloth that is soft and give the inside parts of your copier a gentle dust over. This will get rid of any pesky debris that could lead to jams or bad copies. For those hard to reach places, compressed air in a can be used instead.

While you are generally maintaining the internal parts of your photocopier, take the time to look after the ink cartridge head as well. Once more, dust and grime are the issues here that can affect the quality of your copies if not maintained. Use a damp cotton pad to gently wipe this part of your machine over and get rid of any debris. Probably the one major problem all copiers have is paper jams! Anyone who has used a photocopier will have spent some time un-jamming a machine after this has happened.

The root cause of a paper jam is dust on the paper rollers which stops the paper moving through them as it should. To maintain your copier so this does not happen, simply wipe the paper rollers with a lint free cloth regularly. A very common cause of photocopier problems is that the wrong parts or paper are used in the machine. This then leads to the copier not working to its full capacity or not working at all! Your copier, for example, may only be able to handle a certain weight or thickness of paper.

If you put anything too heavy or thick in, it will jam. To help with your photocopier maintenance, always use the correct parts for your individual copier. The drum in your photocopier is an essential part that transfers the toner onto the paper to make your copies.

Over time, it can get clogged up with toner though and so needs careful maintenance. There is a special tool called a Mylar bar to do this which is easy enough to find online. You simply use the Mylar bar to gently scrape off any excess toner on the drum and return it to peak condition.

The fuser is another key part of your copier that actually sticks the printed toner onto the paper. It can be the cause of many photocopier breakdowns though so is worth looking after. To maintain it well, simply apply some silicon oil to a damp cloth. Once ready, give your fuser unit a wipe down to help remove any excess toner or debris.

There is no doubt that taking the time to perform photocopier maintenance is a good move overall. Not only will it help to keep it running at peak performance, it will also save you time at work from having to repair any jams.

If you need any help with your photocopying needs, then why not give ASL a call? We offer a managed print solution service that is second to none and will help your business thrive. Contact us today to find out more on how our innovative service and top-class print solutions can help your organisation.Maintaining and troubleshooting your office photocopier will help increase the longevity of the machine and reduce service call costs.

Copiers can be intimidating and people often are afraid to work on them. They are actually simple to fix and most of the problems come from a simple jam that can be easily cleared. Keeping your machine clean will prevent many jams from occurring and the copies will be clear without lines or other marks. Read the display to find any information such as a jam or miss-feed. The display will tell you the location of the problem and often gives you step-by-step instructions on how to fix it.

Open the doors to the areas where the jams occur. Clear any paper in the paths and wipe away excess paper dust. Remove the paper drawers and look for paper stuck behind or underneath them.

You may need to use a flashlight to see into the back of the machine. Check to make sure that there is not too much paper in the drawers. Close all doors and drawers. Check the display again to see if the jam or miss-feed has been corrected. Turn off the power to reset the machine if you cannot find any source of paper that has caused a jam. Turn the machine back on and allow it to warm up. Sometimes there is no actual problem and a sensor just needs to be reset.

photocopier maintenance checklist

Check the level of the toner. This should be indicated on the display screen. Replace the toner cartridge if it is very low. Clean the glass and rollers to remove lines from the copies. Use any special spray that may come with the copier. If lines still remain, that could indicate that a part usually a drum or fuser needs to be replaced.

Ask your copier technician to give you advice on common repairs and troubleshooting that you can do. Risa Edwards is a librarian who works for a small private university. She has a degree in geology and library science, but is interested in topics from across many disciplines.

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About the Author.BlogCanon Photocopiers. Gone are the days when businesses and organisations considered a photocopier a luxury they can do without. Nowadays, this machine is a regular fixture in offices, schools and hospitals, among others. It has even become an indispensable office tool that aids in accomplishing various tasks, from printing files to scanning documents.

photocopier maintenance checklist

Given the importance of a photocopier in your day to day business operations and the amount of money you invested on it, keeping it in tiptop shape is imperative. Listed below are maintenance tips to prevent your copy machine from bogging down and to ensure its longevity.

This can arm you with the knowledge you need to properly care for your photocopier. This simple task can significantly extend the life of your machine. This includes cleaning paper path and filters.

Meanwhile, for hard-to-reach areas, you may use a can of compressed air. Prevent this from happening by wiping the glass using a non-abrasive cloth sprayed with glass cleaner. Never ever spray the glass cleaner directly on the glass. So, make sure you remove them before scanning or copying documents. Free these rollers from dust and toner residue; wipe them with cloth dampened with water only. Unless stated in the manual, never use chemical cleaners for this component.

Moreover, never force the paper in because this can jam the copier. Moreover, there are minor problems you may not notice. This is why a regular professional service maintenance check is important.

It can help detect problems before they become full blown and help you avoid spending on costly repairs. Professional technicians underwent rigorous trainings which equipped them with the technical know-hows and skills necessary in resolving photocopier-related problems.

If you are looking for a professional technician to service and maintain your photocopiergive us a call at Customer Area. Remote Support. Thanks for organising the new Canon printer for me last week.

photocopier maintenance checklist

It is already paying dividends in terms of increased productivity which is great. Facebook Twitter Google. Use a lint-free cloth to wipe it. Replace them before they get worn out or broken.In most offices a malfunctioning photocopier will cause serious logistical issues and a great deal of frustration. Furthermore, due to the complexity of most modern machines they can be very costly to repair. Because of both these points, it is common practice to have in place a photocopier service or maintenance contract; so that for a pre-arranged monthly fee, a third party will take on the responsibility of ensuring the copier is kept in good service.

The arrangements for photocopier maintenance contracts vary but if you lease or rent your photocopier, it is likely that you will also be bound to an ongoing service arrangement; so be careful to ensure that you have read all the small print. Regardless of this however, the following should give you a better idea of the sorts of conditions and level of service to expect. If you are interested in finding out more about photocopier maintenance and servicing options, simply continue reading this page.

Otherwise, if you would like to start comparing quotes today, just fill in the form at the top of this page. A typical photocopier contract will usually charge you fixed monthly fee plus an additional fee for every page printed over an agreed limit. This is because a heavily used machine will obviously require more in the way of consumables and maintenance than one that is used very rarely.

In a similar vein to mobile phone contracts, there are usually lots of different price plans to choose from and these should range from those with very low monthly fees, lower copy limits and higher costs per excess page; to comparably very high monthly fees and unlimited copier use. In order to minimise the disruption this causes, any good maintenance contract will have a predetermined response time, within which the supplier is obliged to send out a technician.

It is not uncommon for this to be the same day or even just a matter of hours, provided that the supplier is called within certain times.

It should also make absolutely clear who will pay for parts and labour and under which circumstances. However, this will vary drastically depending on who owns the photocopier and therefore, should be thought about well in advance of purchasing a copier outright. This will usually only apply to cheaper machines, where it is not economically prudent to take on a service contract.

Extended warranties will usually cover much less than a typical service contract and it is highly unlikely that a technician would be sent to your office. As such, relying solely on a warranty will usually mean long delays while your copier is sent away for repair.

In other cases it is possible to arrange a pay as you go contract, wherein costs are only incurred if the photocopier needs attention. Again though, this type of arrangement makes more sense for cheaper machines or those which are only used at a fraction of their capacity as the call out and repair fees are generally higher and so you are bearing a greater financial risk. In most cases however, the service contract is as indispensable as your photocopier its self due to the convenience and safety-net it provides.

The information on this page has been designed to provide some insight into the options available for businesses looking for photocopier maintenance and servicing.

It should also be clear that investment in a high quality service is vital if you want to ensure that your copy machine continues to operate as well as it can. To find the best options, you should speak to as many suppliers as possible - Approved Index can help here.

Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Photocopier In Tiptop Condition

Let Approved Index help you find the best Photocopier for your business. View Suppliers. Top Photocopiers Articles. Best Photocopiers For Large Offices. A3 Laser Printer Hire Costs Photocopier Machines. Photocopier Hire and Leasing. Photocopier Prices. Essential Photocopiers Articles. Office Printers. Top 5 Photocopiers For Small Offices. Canon vs Sharp Photocopiers for Business. Top 5 Office Photocopiers. Overbusinesses trust us to help them make the right purchase.

Get Quotes.Just like any other piece of technology, in order to make sure your photocopier lasts a long time, you have to perform basic maintenance on it. Keep on reading this post from Commercial Copy Machine to find out! The best way to keep your photocopier in good working order? This way, a smaller problem can be fixed quickly, and only those who really know how the copier works will be the ones using it. Above all — and yes, this should be obvious — when in doubt, read the instruction manual.

In reality, with a little patience, these tiny issues are almost always things that you can fix on your own. Usually, these jams are caused by a buildup of dust and even small scraps of paper on the paper rollers within your machine.

This prevents the paper from being able to move through the rollers efficiently. To keep things working well, use a lint-free cloth to wipe them down. You can do this at the end of every work week to ensure that everything runs smoothly on Monday morning. Sometimes, people get so caught up in making sure that the smaller parts of their copier are working well, that they forget all about one of the most important pieces of the machine: the glass itself.

The overall quality of your copies — and the health of your machine — will certainly be compromised. We strongly suggest that you wipe down the copier at PM every day. No client of yours is going to be impressed by a document that has visible smears from the dirt on the glass, after all!

If so, the dirt and the dust from everyday use can start to build up and cause lines and other spots on your copies. For best results, we suggest that you use a small, damp cotton pad. Water is fine, or you can use the same cleaner that you use on the glass. You should invest in a Mylar bar, which will help you to get rid of any extra toner without doing any damage to your machine. Plus, this will extend the overall life of your copier, and cut down on annoying messes that can really throw a wrench in your workday!

About once every two to three weeks, open up your copier and wipe down the parts with a dry, lint-free cloth.

Photocopier maintenance: The ultimate guide

We hope that this post has helped you to understand just how important photocopier maintenance is, and how easy it is to keep things in good working order. Just remember to always take the time to clean your copier machine at least once a week. If you work in an office with a high volume of copies, then you may need to clean out your copier at the end of each day. A Basic Guide for Copier Maintenance Just like any other piece of technology, in order to make sure your photocopier lasts a long time, you have to perform basic maintenance on it.

Have you noticed that your photocopier has been making some seriously low-quality copies lately? The good news? But what should you do to ensure that your copy machine is in good working order? Train Your Employees The best way to keep your photocopier in good working order? Make sure your team members actually know hot to use it! You just have to be willing to read the instructions.

After all, if dust and dirt collect on the top of your glass?


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